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Tommy Robinson Enemy of the State

The explosive story of Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League. Tommy describes growing up in a town blighted by Islamic extremism and criminal gangs. How he was persecuted by the British state, thrown to the Muslim underworld that runs British prisons – and finally blackmailed by the police.

Mohammed S Koran

ISBN 10 : 154262780X
ISBN 13 : 9781542627801

Why is it that almost all the terrorism in the West is coming from the small minority of the population who are Muslims? Why are they doing this if, as politicians and clergy keep ..

Angry White People

ISBN 10 : 9781783606948
ISBN 13 : 1783606940

'An enlightening, thoughtful and intelligent study.' The Independent There is a new anger brewing in Britain. In the pubs and estates, the cafes and football stadiums, the mood is ..

Easy Meat Inside The British Grooming Gang Scandal

ISBN 10 : 1943003068
ISBN 13 : 9781943003068

Peter McLoughlin spent years believing the Leftist narrative, namely it was 'a racist myth' that organised Muslim groups in Britain and the Netherlands ('grooming gangs') were luri..

For Those I Loved

ISBN 10 : 1612832180
ISBN 13 : 9781612832180

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana We need only to look back to Rwanda, and now to Darfur, to see that once again we are living the w..

The World Turned Upside Down

ISBN 10 : 9781594035753
ISBN 13 : 159403575X

In what we tell ourselves is an age of reason, we are behaving increasingly irrationally. An astonishing number of people subscribe to celebrity endorsed cults, Mayan armageddon pr..

Dead End Feminism

ISBN 10 : 0745633803
ISBN 13 : 9780745633800

In this provocative book, France's leading feminist theoriest claims that feminism may have come to a dead end. Yesterday's sterotypes imprisoned women but they also reassured and ..

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