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Thrills, Skills and Molehills: The Beautiful Game?

Thrills Skills And Molehills

ISBN 10 : 9780241335352
ISBN 13 : 0241335353

What makes the ultimate Sunday League footballer? YouTube star ChrisMD has turned amateur Sunday afternoon kick-arounds into a social media event - and now, for the first time, he'..


ISBN 10 : 1785036386
ISBN 13 : 9781785036385

Be inspired by the first self-made football club owner Alright, mate, how's it going? Believe it or not, I haven't always been football mad. But then FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 cam..

The Great Mathematical Problems

ISBN 10 : 9781847653512
ISBN 13 : 1847653510

There are some mathematical problems whose significance goes beyond the ordinary - like Fermat's Last Theorem or Goldbach's Conjecture - they are the enigmas which define mathemati..

Trigger Happy

ISBN 10 : 1559705981
ISBN 13 : 9781559705981

A thought-provoking cultural study of videogames traces the history of this popular form of entertainment and explains why videogames will become the dominant popular art form of t..

Australia S Best Inventions

ISBN 10 : 1742458009
ISBN 13 : 9781742458007

From the stump-jump plough to wi-fi, Australia is filled with innovative men and women who have solved all kinds of problems. Learn about great Aussie breakthroughs in medicine, sa..

Mountains Of The Moon

ISBN 10 : 9780099554738
ISBN 13 : 0099554739

"A woman in her thirties is released from prison, with a new name and not much else. She begins to make a fresh start but the present is soon invaded by fragments from her past. Un..

Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines

ISBN 10 : 9781466856448
ISBN 13 : 1466856440

A novel by David Hagberg Based on the screenplay by Jonathan Mostow, John Brancato, and Michael Ferris The novel of the blockbuster hit film For two generations of moviegoers, the ..

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