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Painting the Sand

Painting The Sand

ISBN 10 : 9781471156731
ISBN 13 : 1471156737

The Sunday Times Bestseller. 'Breathtaking. Kim Hughes is the man who stands between us and oblivion.' Andy McNab (author of Bravo Two Zero) 'An uplifting and enlightening account ..

Painting The Sand

ISBN 10 : 1471156702
ISBN 13 : 9781471156700

Kim Hughes is the most highly decorated bomb disposal operator serving in the British Army. He was awarded the George Cross in 2009 following a grueling six-month tour of duty in A..

A Line In The Sand

ISBN 10 : 9781849839037
ISBN 13 : 1849839034

In 1916, in the middle of the First World War, two men secretly agreed to divide the Middle East between them. Sir Mark Sykes was a visionary politician; Fran├žois Georges-Picot a ..

A Drawing In The Sand

ISBN 10 : 1559332166
ISBN 13 : 9781559332163

Describes Jerry Butler's development as an artist and his discovery of the long and beautiful tradition of Afro-American art that preceded him...

Painting The Spirit Of Nature

ISBN 10 : 082303867X
ISBN 13 : 9780823038671

This best-seller reveals the secrets of capturing the essence of a scene using abstract techniques, from pouring inks and adding opaque lines to using crinkled wax paper as resists..

The Book Of Sand

ISBN 10 : 0140180257
ISBN 13 : 9780140180251

Includes the stories The Congress, Undr, The Mirror and the Mask, August 25, 1983, Blue Tigers, The Rose of Paracelsus and Shakespeare's Memory...

Rome S Wars In Parthia

ISBN 10 : 0853039313
ISBN 13 : 9780853039310

secure." "Did the Romans attack the Parthians in self-defence, or because they simply would not tolerate the co-existence of an equal power on their border? Its size alone made the..

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