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Mr Pikes: The Story Behind The Ibiza Legend

Ibiza Bohemia

ISBN 10 : 1614285918
ISBN 13 : 9781614285915

Since its discovery as a desirable destination in the 1930s, Ibiza has been an escape: for artists and intellectuals fleeing oppression, Hollywood stars seeking privacy, hippies du..

Mr Pike

ISBN 10 : 1523396636
ISBN 13 : 9781523396634

Mr. Pike is a psychological thriller which tells the story of Tate Slater Pike, a hardworking, ambitious, self-assured man with a traumatic childhood. Married and two children late..

Dope In The Age Of Innocence

ISBN 10 : 9781909718746
ISBN 13 : 1909718742

Ibiza, 1960: on the beautiful Mediterranean island, the high-rise resorts are still decades away. By chance, Damien Enright, twenty-one-years old and Irish, arrives there with his ..

Inside Studio 54

ISBN 10 : 1945572574
ISBN 13 : 9781945572579

In Inside Studio 54, the former owner takes you behind the scenes of the most famous nightclub in the world, through the crowd, to a place where celebrities, friends, and the beaut..

Shadows Across The Moon

ISBN 10 : 1911036181
ISBN 13 : 9781911036180

Once a fabled pirate garrison, the island of Ibiza gained its reputation as a countercultural hotbed of adventure seeking bohemian dropouts during the 20th century. Eventually this..

Rave Art

ISBN 10 : 1780975953
ISBN 13 : 9781780975955

Events that started as secretive nights in underground clubs, with word-of-mouth advertising grew from one-off take-overs of unusual venues into huge open land-based events. Pager ..


ISBN 10 : 9780571321506
ISBN 13 : 057132150X

There were many reasons Moby was never going to make it as a DJ and musician in the New York club scene of the late 1980s and early 90s. This was the New York of Palladium, of Mars..

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