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The Rise And Decline Of The Medici Bank

ISBN 10 : 1893122328
ISBN 13 : 9781893122321

A classic history of banking and trade in the medieval period, combining superb research and analysis with graceful writing. The Medici Bank was the most powerful banking house of ..

The Medici Bank

ISBN 10 : 9781787207714
ISBN 13 : 1787207714

Professor Raymond de Roover received his MBA from Harvard University in June 1938, and it was during that summer that he, together with his wife, Florence Edler, an American schola..

Medici Money

ISBN 10 : 9781847656872
ISBN 13 : 1847656870

The Medici are famous as the rulers of Florence at the high point of the Renaissance. Their power derived from the family bank, and this book tells the fascinating, frequently bloo..

Beggar Thy Neighbor

ISBN 10 : 9780812207507
ISBN 13 : 0812207505

The practice of charging interest on loans has been controversial since it was first mentioned in early recorded history. Lending is a powerful economic tool, vital to the developm..

The Medici

ISBN 10 : 1681774089
ISBN 13 : 9781681774084

A vivid, dramatic, and authoritative account of perhaps the most influential family in Italian history: the Medici...

The Medici Bank

ISBN 10 : 125811920X
ISBN 13 : 9781258119201


Inheritance Of Power

ISBN 10 : 9781473826663
ISBN 13 : 1473826667

Fifteenth Century Florence; arena of intrigue, glamour, wealth, deception and high political drama. The playground of the famed and powerful Medici clan, in which tensions stir, lo..