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The Boy On The Shed

ISBN 10 : 9781473666726
ISBN 13 : 1473666724

Today was his first climb to the top. He knew if he was there, watching, then she would never leave him. Her name was Bernadette and he climbed the shed every day.~ This is a not a..

The Boy On The Wooden Box

ISBN 10 : 9781471119934
ISBN 13 : 1471119939

Leon Leyson (born Leib Lezjon) was only ten years old when the Nazis invaded Poland and his family was forced to relocate to the Krakow ghetto. With incredible luck, perseverance a..

The Boy Aviators Treasure Quest

ISBN 10 : 9781776599219
ISBN 13 : 1776599217

They may be young, but the heroes of John Henry Goldfrap's popular Boy Aviators series for younger readers make up for what they lack in experience with plenty of grit, gusto and g..

Tap Dancing In The Shed Row

ISBN 10 : 9781469117584
ISBN 13 : 1469117584

A sweet farm girl leaves abusive parents and then an abusive husband to set herself on a road to success of becoming a jockey. Along the way, she encounters a couple that accept he..

The Boy On The Side Of The Road

ISBN 10 : 9781413787344
ISBN 13 : 1413787347

For six-year-old Noah McAllister, May 8, 1954, begins as any other ordinary day in Dawson, Georgia. However, this day is anything but ordinary. Like a bolt of lightning, tragedy is..

Three Candles

ISBN 10 : 1468533126
ISBN 13 : 9781468533125

Will Corcoran inspires all readers as he shares the compelling stories of two young boys who both experience life-changing events as three-year-olds. The first, his son Henry, rece..

De Jongen In De Gestreepte Pyjama

ISBN 10 : 9789460925658
ISBN 13 : 9460925650

De jongen in de gestreepte pyjama begint in Berlijn in 1943. Als de negenjarige Bruno op een dag uit school komt, zijn al zijn spullen in kratten gepakt. Hun nieuwe huis staat naas..