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The Billionaire Banker

ISBN 10 : 0957681240
ISBN 13 : 9780957681248

When Lana Bloom learns the devastating news that her mother is dying, she is faced with a terrible dilemma. The one thing that can save her is the one thing she does not have. For ..

Forty 2 Days

ISBN 10 : 0992824907
ISBN 13 : 9780992824907

Beyond the seductive power of immense wealth lies... Dark Secrets ****** Devastatingly handsome billionaire, Blake Law Barrington was Lana Blooms first and only love. From the mome..

Seduce Me

ISBN 10 : 0992824982
ISBN 13 : 9780992824983

Seduce Me, Book # 4--The Final installment. The Billionaire banker series ******** Lana Bloom believes she has won her man and sidestepped his treacherous ex-she could not be more ..

Love S Sacrifice

ISBN 10 : 0992996953
ISBN 13 : 9780992996956

Some secrets wont stay silent... An evening out at the theatre for Lana and Blake ends prematurely with shocking news. Frantic, the couple rush home to discover their worst fears. ..


ISBN 10 : 0992824958
ISBN 13 : 9780992824952

In Forty 2 Days we cheered as we learned of Lana's opportunity for a second chance to put things right with our wounded hero, Blake. We read with joy at the news of baby Sorab's bi..


ISBN 10 : 1910575003
ISBN 13 : 9781910575000

Love is deceptive... Fiery Billie Black thought she knew all she needed to know about her own sexuality, but that was before one night of animalistic passion with the ultra gorgeou..

The Professor The Banker And The Suicide King

ISBN 10 : 0446593974
ISBN 13 : 9780446593977

A tale of outsized egos, appetites, and ambitions, this completely true, heart-stopping story tells of one man, 20 million dollars, and the most expensive game of poker ever played..