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Lucrezia Tornabuoni De Medici And The Medici Family In The Fifteenth Century

ISBN 10 : 0820476455
ISBN 13 : 9780820476452

"Lucrezia Tornabuoni de' Medici and the Medici Family in the Fifteenth Century" is a fresh, new biography of a Renaissance woman who lived during the heyday of Medici power. A rema..

Women Patronage And Salvation In Renaissance Florence

ISBN 10 : 9781409462033
ISBN 13 : 140946203X

Mapping out the cultural network of gender, piety, and power surrounding the creation of the Medici family altarpiece, Stefanie Solum challenges the received wisdom that women play..

Friendship Love And Trust In Renaissance Florence

ISBN 10 : 0674031377
ISBN 13 : 9780674031371

Kent explores the meaning of love and friendship as they were represented in the fifteenth century, particularly the relationship between heavenly and human friendship...

The Medici Women

ISBN 10 : 9781351885836
ISBN 13 : 1351885839

The Medici Women is a study of the women of the famous Medici family of Florence in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. Natalie Tomas examines critically the changing cont..

Sacred Narratives

ISBN 10 : 0226808572
ISBN 13 : 9780226808574

The most prominent woman in Renaissance Florence, Lucrezia Tornabuoni de' Medici (1425-1482) lived during her city's golden age. Wife of Piero de' Medici and mother of Lorenzo the ..

A History Of Women S Writing In Italy

ISBN 10 : 0521578132
ISBN 13 : 9780521578134

This volume offers a comprehensive account of writing by women in Italy...