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Children Who Kill

ISBN 10 : 9781906534042
ISBN 13 : 1906534047

From the tragic Mary Bell and Jamie Bulger murder cases to events world-wide, this book provides an analysis of what is a global, not just a 1st phenomenon. It includes a chapter w..

Children Who Kill

ISBN 10 : 9780749016234
ISBN 13 : 074901623X

Why would two young boys abduct, torture and kill a toddler? What makes a teenage girl plot with her classmates to kill her own father? Society regards children as harmless - but f..

Children Who Murder

ISBN 10 : 0275966186
ISBN 13 : 9780275966188

Examines the casual factors of violent behavior in preteens as well as the changes in the juvenile justice system in terms of punishment, treatment, and rehabilitation...

Children Who Kill

ISBN 10 : 1301216755
ISBN 13 : 9781301216758

This book tells 7 horrific true crime stories of parricide, the killing of one's parent(s).Until the last 25 years or so, no one even knew what the word parricide meant. Even today..

Children Who Kill

ISBN 10 : 9781742669335
ISBN 13 : 1742669336

From The Australian Book of Family Murder, Children who Kill contains five of the most memorable and bizarre cases of such death — from gunshots, knife wounds and brute strength ..

Shooter In The Sky

ISBN 10 : 1929175132
ISBN 13 : 9781929175130

High school student Harold Connally feels alienated from his peers, misunderstood by his parents, and isolated from the world. He is his only friend. Worst of all, he feels that he..

When A Child Kills

ISBN 10 : UOM:39015032154018
ISBN 13 :

An exploration of the world of parracide presents the stories of eight children accused of killing their parents, discussing the facts in their cases and the outcome of their trial..