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Built for Speed

Built For Speed

ISBN 10 : 1785034804
ISBN 13 : 9781785034800

'Then I was there myself, just another face in the crowd, watching the bikes fly by. The smells, the noise and the speed were all there for me to experience. It was like a massive ..

Built For Speed

ISBN 10 : 9780674029132
ISBN 13 : 0674029135

North America's fastest mammal, the pronghorn can accelerate explosively from a standing start to a top speed of 60 miles per hour--but it can also cruise at 45 miles per hour for ..

Built For Speed

ISBN 10 : 0822528541
ISBN 13 : 9780822528548

Describes the habitat, physical characteristics, and behavior of the cheetah, as well as efforts to ensure the continued existence of this fastest land mammal...

The World S Wildest Roller Coasters

ISBN 10 : 0736805710
ISBN 13 : 9780736805711

Describes different kinds of roller coasters, their history and how they opperate and gives examples of each type...

The World S Fastest Pro Stock Trucks

ISBN 10 : 0736815023
ISBN 13 : 9780736815024

Describes the design, safety features, and professional racing of NASCAR stock trucks, which are ultrapowered versions of American-built pickup trucks...

The Mako Shark

ISBN 10 : 1404236279
ISBN 13 : 9781404236271

Describes the characteristics, behavior, diet, and life cycle of mako sharks...

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